Welcome to Kelaiah Warriors

If you received one of the original pieces today 23rd of March 2019, you are looking for the whole art paint.

First let me explain what we do at Kelaiah© Warriors Ministry, is a teaching, worship, and praying ministry. The warrior is the one I use for the teaching values, and emotions thru her creative armor. The whole family can learn about healthy relationship and mental health. My first published book is a short story about how the warrior had her own encounter with her Master and the real meaning of the seed’s secret. Once she understood the metaphor in her own life experience, then she answered her Master quest. This book is also a coloring and creativity book. More short stories to published soon, stay tune on my Instagram or Facebook. (Is a Spanish Reading Book, level 2nd – 6th grade).

Kelaiah Warriors dive deep just having Faith and Trust that God will cover her wherever she go. Is not only the knowledge or studies in the Holy Word, is more like a real relationship with God what is all about. Did you want to be a real warrior? Do you want her creative’s armor?

This painting is very special for me, Jesus taught so much in my first year as a published author (2017) but in my second year (2018) I really understood that my armor is more than a cute and original costume. In order to be brave, and creative teacher for children. It was so important to live a life full of gratitude, trust and faith while I wait for my miracle or God’s plan. Meanwhile I worshipped God and learn to hear His whispers.

Life is like a giant puzzle, many pieces are hiding in the most incredible places, you can never imagined it will be. So if you don’t train yourself to keep your mind at ease and listen carefully, most of the times you will lose the moment to find your puzzle’s pieces. But at the other hand you can have all the pieces but the only person who can make it work is Jesuschrist.

That said I ask God for something special for this event he gave me this verse Isaiah 42:3… Remember who is the Captain of your ship? I bless you all!

©Kathia Alsina – Author & Creative Mentor. Book: Kelaiah Warriors: El secreto de la semilla; Transformational and Creative Writing Workshops.


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